Thursday, July 12, 2007

Crawling from LA to Big Sur

We are definately experiencing every breath of our journey! Yesterday we packed up the minivan and said good bye (not for long though) to my family in Pasadena. Then we drove to Rodeo Drive and Hollywood. We tried to see some famous people, but it didn't work out for us so well... As we walked along I kinda thought most people looked famous and I think everyone must have thought the same about us too. (Don't all stars pimp a minivan and wear basketball shorts and $10 flip flops????)

But, as we took off from Holly wood, the drive down "The One" kept us mezmorized for the entire day. Matt and I like to take side trips... and we did... We had 222 pictures from the trip up here, so I won't share them all, but here are a few:

Yep, one of our adventures was to find my cousin (second?) in Big Sur. We asked the local bar and the bar tender was good friends with Kendra (in photo). She called her up and then we actually stayed with Marty last night. This is such a treat!


Bernie said...

These pictures are making me miss CA! Isn't the coast beautiful?

Also, the truth is that the stars no longer hang out at Rodeo - it has become too cliche and touristy for them. I tried the same thing when I first got to LA and was very disappointed to only see rich, unknown people as opposed to rich stars.

I hope the rest of the trip goes smoothly for y'all.

Corey Paxton said...

you guys certainly are adventurous

that's cool you went up to big sur and saw our family that i never see

i'm glad you took in the 1 too, that certainly is beautiful

traci said...

more tails to come! Thanks for the interest in our journey. It was excellent to see family and to experience the life of the 'famous' even though its not quite accurate.

I wonder where they do hang out?