Sunday, July 29, 2007

Capital Brewery

While driving we listened to some NPR on the car radio. One of the stories discussed the top ten cities to live in in the US. One of the cities mentioned was Middleton, WI. We figured since we were going to be in the area we should stop by and see what was so great about it. One thing that was promising was a top rated brewery. We had directions to get there and were confidently on our way, but endedup getting to see almost the entire city because we took a left where we should have taken a right.

It was a frustrating afternoon for me because it was the first day Matt had cell phone service and he started making business calls while were trying to find our way to the brewery. There was a part of me that understood his need to catch people during office hours and his desire to touch base now that he could, and then there was the other part of me... the selfish part... the non understanding part... the impatient part... that part of me did not like that he was on the phone and was a bit tiffed that we were lost and I thought it was because we couldn't talk because he was on the phone...

We finally stopped a gas station and got directions. I got over myself and Matt put down the cell phone. We made it to Capital Brewery to realize that only the gift shop was open. We were there at 2:20PM and the bar and tours didn't open until 4PM. So, we went to the gift shop and walked around. The lady working there was extremely helpful. She asked us where were from and we told her our story about driving across the country and wanting to get a taste of all of the different places. I guess she was moved or something and asked if we could get a quick tour even though they weren't technically open yet.

So, once again Matt and I got our own personal tour threw the brewery. We have been on a beer tour before, but this one was even better. We got to actually see the beer master making the beer by boiling the water, adding the hops, cleaning the kettles, and much more. It was awesome. Then we even got to try some Autumnal Fire out of the holding tanks. It hasn't been released yet into stores or into the bar so we felt special! It was delicious as well. Its a double bock, which means it has a higher alcohol content, but you couldn't taste it. It just tasted a bit carmelly with a smooth finish. Hopefully we can order some when it comes out.

Unfortunately, they don't sell their beer in Raleigh, but I recommend anyone going to Wisconsin to take a trip here.

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jeff said...

wow, two comments for my homeland! i'm flattered...