Sunday, July 22, 2007

We should market this.

Just ask the Rowes for the ULTIMATE ONE DAY ADVENTURE through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks. add the most angelic views you could ever imagine and top it off with a baseball game and a trip to a roach motel and you have it all. Anyone up for something similar?

Step One: Get on the road by 9:30 AM (If you have someone with you who enjoys sleep and takes their sweet time getting ready, make sure they are up by 8:30AM, but ask nicely so they start the day in a good mood. I am sure learning a lot about this marriage stuff!)

Step Two: Grab a quick hearty breakfast so that will last you until dinner (but always pack snacks in the car). I recommend french toast. Try not to leave your wallet on top of the car. We made it about 15 miles down the road to breakfast and realized that Matt had left his wallet on the roof... OOPS!... Fortunately, it had only slid to the back of and hooked on to one of the ridges. We were safe and everything but a few receipts was in tact...

Step Three: Ask the Visitor Center for a quick hike recommendation. When you tell them that you need to see the Tetons and Yellowstone before a baseball game in Billings, MT take a picture of of their face, then take their advice.

Step Four: Jog part of the way around your scenice 3.2 mile hike.

Step Five: Watch out for Bears!

Step Six: Don't waste your time in the higly tourist areas.

Step Seven: Laugh Alot!

Step Eight: Stay away from Danger!

Step Nine: Drive Carefully around windy roads and take a couple seconds to throw some snowballs.

Step Ten: Take lots of pictures! Our photos here do not begin to compare to the breath taking views that we saw on Highway 212 coming out of Yellowstone. It crosses from Wyoming to Montana, goes through a "grizzly bear area" and signs post warnings for free range cows, but I would have to say that this hour and half was the most beautiful scenery I have ever laid my eyes upon!

And most importantly, have a blast!

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